Welcome to the USSSA Season 2022 Launch

In 2022 we are excited to announce a new partnership for our Event and Team Management tools from an internal setting to a software company whose primary focus is the software needs we have so eagerly been searching for.

GotSport, a software company based out of Jacksonville, FL is our new partner.  GotSport has already partnered with many other large youth and professional sports associations including the MLB, NBA and MLS and are already accustomed to the way our association works and the volume we are used to.

This page will be your home for transitioning from one system to another seamlessly.  We are excited about the future and the opportunities this will provide your teams and families.



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Message from our CEO Don DeDonatis


Where do I begin?  RIGHT HERE!!

These links will take you through a step-by-step process for getting your account created and set-up for USSSA for the new season beginning on August 1, 2021.


About USSSA/GotSport Transition

Season Memberships

As a part of this new software, all active participants that are on a roster will be required to complete a season membership. Individual memberships are a new process for USSSA in 2022, here are the details of the process:

  • A season membership runs and are included in an entire competition season.  This membership is only for that particular season.
  • All Players (both Adult and Youth Sports) will be required to complete the season membership
  • All Coaches/Managers (anyone listed on the roster in these roles) will be required to complete the season membership
  • If you take on multiple roles (serve as a Player and a Coach) you will only be required to complete one season membership as an individual.
  • Season membership is $5 per individual.
  • Parents/Guardians DO NOT need a membership, only the players they are responsible for in the system

Team Registration

Beginning with the 2022 season, our registration process will change slightly.  In the past you were asked to create a new team each season.  In the GotSport platform your team will exist season after season and you will purchase a registration for the current season.

Here is a graphic that will detail the differences between 2021 season and the 2022 season registration process.

You will be prompted along the way to complete these actions, and the system will guide you along.  If you have not completed your Season Membership as a Coach and if you have not completed a background check if you are coaching a youth sport, you will not be able to proceed.  Please complete those two actions prior to registration of your team.

To register your team, click on the banner above and begin the process!

Documentation, Validation, and Safety Related Policies

With GotSport’s software platform, we have been able to access advanced analytics, maintain scheduling and registration and, most importantly, use data to enhance our member experience. As we continue to grow and rebuild team sports following an unprecedented year, these systems will help us sail into a brighter, more secure future.

While we all acclimate to this new platform, I wanted to provide additional context around two important safety-related policies taking effect immediately:

  • Birth certificates and legal documents will not be publicly available. While providing these documents are new to USSSA in the GotSport platform, our commitment to our athletes and families is not.  These documents are used only to verify the individual user’s identity. As an authority in sports management, GotSport provides a rigid data environment to help ensure the player on the roster is indeed the player on the field. Once these documents are uploaded, you will never have to upload them again.
  • Individuals will have the ability to decide whether they want their photo—or their subsequent youth player photo—to be shared publicly. Regardless of the decision, the photo is still required for user verification and roster purposes.

These new policies not only ensure that each player on a team roster matches a player on the field, they also help keep our games safe, fair, and equitable for every athlete.

We appreciate your cooperation as we work together to get acquainted with GotSport’s tools and technology. As always, our goal is to develop new strategies with you in mind